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Infants (12-18 months)

Our wonderful Montessori infant care environment is cozy, warm, and specially designed for children to explore and move around. In our lovely infant classroom setting we offer:

-         a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for the child

-         plenty of floor space for children to move and explore.

-         opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks.

-         a variety of snacks and feeding times.

-         a child’s natural sleeping and waking process.

-         A variety of activities and toys for the children to explore and learn from.

Toddler (19 months - 3 years )

Our toddler classroom is designed for children to explore and discover through active play. Toddlers are actively seeking out information, they learn quickly and easily, and are especially interested in demonstrating independence. Therefore, our toddler classroom has a variety of Montessori activities for children to explore and learn from. These activities help the children develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills. Toddlers will be mainly immersed in the Spanish language which allows them to learn faster and easier, have improved problem solving skills and creativity, critical-thinking and listening skills, and the ability to multitask.

Pre-school & Pre-kindergarten (4 years - 6 years)

As children grow into early childhood, their world begins to open up. They will become more independent and begin to ask more questions. Children in this age group engage in individual learning experiences, as well as one-on-one interactions which are integral to the Montessori methodology. As children get older, they tend to see things that adults find ordinary as very interesting and special. Practical life exercises like sorting, pouring, sweeping/mopping or folding absorbs them completely. Both classrooms have a variety of Montessori activities for children to learn math, language, sensorial, geography, history, science, and music; these activities help with the development of the five senses which are hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

-         Ability to make more connections between different concepts.

-         Ability to effectively perform several tasks at the same time.

-         Better and more advanced reading skills.

-         Improvement in memory and attention.

-         Boost their academic achievement.

-         Better language acquisition.

-         Ability to concentrate.

-         Nurture their curiosity.

-         gives brains a boost.

-         Greater confidence.

-         Cultural sensitivity.

-         Tolerance.

-         Empathy.


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