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Welcome to our Kindergarten Program!


Our classroom is taught by a certified teacher through Alberta Education

and follows their Program Statement and Curriculum.


This programming fosters independence, initiative, creativity and the

creation of a stable base of knowledge that will support our

students' learning for the rest of their lives. 


We focus on Literacy, Numeracy, Citizenship, Environment and Community Awareness, Personal and Social Responsibility, Physical Skills and

Well-being and Creative Expression.  Our Kindergarten class has a

flexible daily routine that includes circle time, snack, play,

printing and Montessori activities. 


Our weekly schedule also allows time for music classes, physical

education, science experiments and crafts.  Our program is

presented in a bilingual Spanish/English environment in the

Spanish Montessori Learning Centre, which allows for

convenient before and after school care. 

To view the specific Kindergarten 2022-2023 calendar,

click the link below!


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